Catholics Have Lower Divorce Rates

Posted by Dr. John Gresham Fri, 15 Nov 2013 17:18:00 GMT

A recent study cited in the National Catholic Register shows Catholics have a lower divorce rate than the wider population. According to this sociological study, the divorce rate for those unaffiliated with any religion is 40%, for Protestants 39%, for other religious faiths 35% and for Catholics 28%. (While it is nice to know Catholics are doing a little better than others -- 28% is still way too high! ) This article gives the statistics and also discusses how to improve marriage preparation in the Catholic Church: Divorce Statistics Indicate Catholic Couples Are Less Likely to Break Up

I believe SPIN retreats and helping Catholic married couples learn to pray together is part of the answer. We still have room in our January 24-5 SPIN retreat -- for those who have made the retreat, invite someone you think will benefit from it OR think about making a repeat retreat -- it really helps to hear about these prayer practices again and practice them in the retreat setting.