Every Marriage is a Mixed Religion Marriage

Posted by Dr. John Gresham Mon, 28 Oct 2013 15:19:00 GMT

When we say "mixed" marriage, we usually mean one spouse is Catholic and the other spouse belongs to another Christian denomination or even another non-Christian religion. But this article from the US Bishops Marriage website expands the concept to include all marriages. In Every Marriage is a Mixed Religion Marriage author Lauri Przybysz observes how even in a marriage of two Catholics we each bring to the marriage partnership our individual way of practicing the faith.

It could be differences in our own patterns and preferences of personal prayer, our taste in worship styles, our favorite devotions and family traditions from our own upbringing in the faith. This would be an important topic of dialogue with our spouse. At the SPIN retreats we teach a variety of prayer methods to help couples find those methods that they both find helpful in growing closer to Christ together in their marriage.

BTW, the US Bishops website on marriage is FULL of helpful articles and resources -- visit it at For Your Marriage