Marriage Advice from one of my favorite artists in Contemporary Christian Music

Posted by Dr. John Gresham Mon, 23 Sep 2013 15:01:00 GMT

Audrey Assad is a contemporary Christian music artist whose music I enjoy. When I heard her song, "restless" on JOY FM, I thought, "wow she really sounds catholic!" and when I looked her up on the Internet, I found out she is Catholic.

Her latest album "fortunate fall" is based on the prayer from the Easter Vigil about the "happy fault" of Adam -- "happy" because it led to the incarnation, death and resurrection of Jesus to save us from that fault (and all our own faults). Here is a link to Fortunate Fall

I ran across a blog post, where she gave some quick tips on marriage:

What’s the first lesson you’ve learned by being married?

AA: Marriage is a path to holiness first and foremost. It is a way to encounter Christ, to follow Him, and to unite ourselves to Him.

And the second lesson?

AA: No matter how prepared you are by counseling or reading books, every marriage is unique and special and has its own ups and downs. You’re married to a specific person with a specific history and a specific worldview. So it’s important to stay flexible!

And the third lesson?

AA: A sense of humor is crucial to getting through those crappy days we all experience. It’s easy to take frustrations out on the person who is closest to you. It’s good to learn to laugh together when things are annoying.

From Ignitum Today blog