Sex Within Marriage

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Mon, 05 Aug 2013 18:34:00 GMT

Received this today and thought it is good to pass it on.

Day 293 - Sex Within Marriage

The Sixth Commandment: You shall not commit adultery.

What significance does the sexual encounter have within marriage?

According to God's will, husband and wife should encounter each other in bodily union so as to be united ever more deeply with one another in love and to allow children to proceed from their love.

In Christianity, the body, pleasure, and erotic joy enjoy a high status: "Christianity ... believes that matter is good, that God Himself once took on a human body, that some kind of body is going to be given to us even in Heaven and is going to be an essential part of our happiness, our beauty and our energy. Christianity has glorified marriage more than any other religion: and nearly all the greatest love poetry in the world has been produced by Christians. If anyone says that sex, in itself, is bad, Christianity contradicts him at once" (C. S. Lewis). Pleasure, of course, is not an end in itself. When the pleasure of a couple becomes self-enclosed and is not open to the new life that could result from it, it no longer corresponds to the nature of love. (YOUCAT question 417)

Dig Deeper: CCC section (2362-2367) and other references here.